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352: Neon White, Skate 4 and Skull and Bones vs. Sea of Thieves

July 18, 2022

Brett dives into one of his favorite games of the year: Neon White. It’s a game from the creator of Donut County and it’s an incredible speedrunning FPS. Brett also reviews a trippy game called Doki Doki Literature Club that starts as a girlfriend type game and quickly becomes something much different. Austin also revisits some old games like XCOM 2 and The Division 2.

In the news, a new Robocop game is announced. The Division Resurgence is the next game in the Division franchise, this time all on mobile. Will it be any good? We also talk about Skate 4’s new direction going fully free to play, switching to just be called “Skate” and it’s going to be fully cross-platform/crossplay.

In our discussion, we explore Skull and Bones, the new pirate game from Ubisoft. This game feels like it’s most closely related to Sea of Thieves but in reality it’s very different. There is a lot of good happening in this game but so many misses too. Will it hold up when it officially releases?

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Show Notes
    • 1:35

      Neon White

    • 14:37

      Doki Doki Literature Club

    • 18:56

      XCOM 2 and The Division 2

    • 43:43

      Robocop, The Division Resurgence and Skate 4

    • 1:18:50

      Will Skull & Bones Dethrone Sea of Thieves?

    • 1:38:48

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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