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247: Jedi Fallen Order, Half-Life Alyx & Gamer’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

November 26, 2019

Respawn’s first Star Wars game has arrived! EA and Respawn have released their single-player story following Cal after Order 66 was executed. The game is a good combination of Dark Souls and Uncharted despite some flaws around the edges. We also revisit more of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and talk about the complexity behind the boss battles.

In the news, Pokemon Sword and Shield is suffering from a lot of controvery including what is called “Dexit.” Despite this, it sold 6 million copies. Valve announced Half-Life: Alyx  for VR systems and Tesla announces Cybertruck. Cybertruck also may appear within Cyberpunk 2077. We’ll see!

Our discussion features our holiday gift guide for gamer’s! Every year we break down our main picks for the holidays from video game deals to big hardware buys. We invite Jason back onto the cast to share his top picks and also include feedback from our community on Discord and Facebook!

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamer’s


  • Austin
    1. Borderlands 3 – $30 Walmart
    2. Breath of The Wild – $30 Walmart
    3. Red Dead Redemption 2 – $30 Walmart
  • Brett
    1. Control – $25 at Target
    2. Borderlands 3 – $28 at Best Buy
    3. Super Mario Party – $39.99 at Amazon
  • Jason
    1. Division 2 – $15 Gamestop
    2. Control – $25 at Target
    3. Red Dead Redemption 2- $ 29 Target
    4. Anthem – $5!!!!! Gamestop
  • Community
    1. Steam Autumn Sale Nov 26-Aug 3rd – macamac
    2. Xbox All Access – macamac
    3. Deep Sea Adventure, Fox in the Forest, Lanterns, Codenames, Sushi Go, Monopoly the Card Game, Blokus, Tsuro! – Amanda




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Show Notes
  • 3:30

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  • 27:26

    Luigi’s Mansion 3

  • 30:45

    Gaming News

  • 1:07:58

    2019 Gamer’s Holiday Gift Guide

  • 1:47:33

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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