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327: Scarlet Nexus, Loop Hero and Switch OLED vs. Steam Deck

July 20, 2021

We’re back from our 2 week hiatus with lots to talk about! We jump into Scarlet Nexus, a new JRPG and Loop Hero, a cookie clicker kind of game that’s a ton of fun. We also return to some old games such as Apex Legends and Marvel’s Avengers as we prep for the new Wakonda expansion.

In the news, we talk about State of Play from PlayStation and Nacon Connect featuring the reveal of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. We also explore what Assassin’s Creed Infinity could be and more details from Battlefield 2042.

In our discussion, we look at the newly announced Nintendo Switch OLED vs. the Steam Deck from Valve. Which one will you get?

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Show Notes
      • 3:05

        Scarlet Nexus

      • 19:46

        Loop Hero

      • 33:06

        Apex Legends

      • 43:59

        Hackers Hack Apex Legends Over Titanfall 2 Hackers

      • 49:48

        Apex Legends Arena Mode

      • 58:04

        Marvel’s Avengers: It’s Still Addicting

      • 1:15:37

        AC Infinity, Solar Crown, State of Play and Battlefield 2042

      • 1:57:22

        The Bonus Level (Patreon Exclusive Content)

      • 2:11:33

        The Handheld Gaming Wars

      • 2:48:34

        Upcoming Video Game Releases

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