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180: The Banner Saga 3, Runbow and Game Length and Replayability in Gaming

July 26, 2018

Today is the day The Banner Saga 3 releases on PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Switch. This is the final game in the turn-based trilogy from Stoic Studio featuring devs from Bioware. Austin has been diving into this game from The Banner Saga 1 and has completed the entire game with his full review. This series was a blast and we can’t wait to share it with you. We also play an up to 9 player shared screen game called Runbow. This game involves platforming in which colors change to make platforms literally disappear. It’s a blast to play with friends with tons of game modes.

In our news, we talk about all the money made with Fortnite and Microsoft, what happened after the PT port got cancelled and the new Spiderman trailer. We also talk about all the new changes in No Man’s Sky for their next update called Next.

Finally, we have a really exciting discussion topic this week on game length and replayability. Josef Feres, director of A Way Out, talked about how he’s tired of people judging a game by its length. We discuss if there should be an ideal length for a game and why replayability is important in a game. With so many games out there, sometimes it’s important to stick with a few. What do you think about our thoughts?

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Show Notes
  • 1:49

    The Banner Saga 3

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    Gaming News

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    Game Length and Replayability

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    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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