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Episode 96: Atlas Reactor, Dark Souls 3 DLC and the Best Supporting Cast in Games

November 01, 2016

This week we bring on a special guest from Gearbox Software, Paul Burt! He is a designer for Gearbox and has worked on games such as Borderlands 2 and Battleborn. In this episode, he shares some of the games he’s been playing lately such as Atlas Reactor and Final Fantasy 14. Devan dives into Dark Souls 3 DLC and we talk all about “dings” in video games. For the news we have the Windows 10 VR headsets, Hello Games mysterious tweet about how No Man’s Sky was a mistake and Titanfall 2 giving away content for free. Finally, our discussion this week is on how much of an impact a supporting cast has on video games (Hint: It’s a lot.) This episode is jam packed so don’t miss it!

Be sure and check out our guest from Gearbox Software Paul Burt on Twitch: .

Show Notes
  • 02:47

    Paul Burt from Gearbox Software

  • 04:55

    Atlas Reactor

  • 10:21

    Final Fantasy 14

  • 18:57

    Dark Souls 3 DLC

  • 33:14

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

  • 43:52

    Gaming News

  • 1:06:01

    The Best Supporting Cast in Video Games

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