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341: Dying Light 2, Pokemon Legends Arceus and Open World is Broken

February 15, 2022

In episode 341, we review Dying Light 2 from Techland. This zombie parkour game is a blast to play but a buggy mess. We also play Pokemon Legends Arceus and although it’s a new change for the tired formula, we question whether it’s enough. Brett also has a blast with the story in Life is Strange True Colors. It’s a well written game with a lot of emotion that even plays a part in the gameplay.

In the news, we talk about Sony buying Bungie and what that means for their suite of studios. We also take a look at the news from Wolf Among Us 2 and explore whether or not Battlefield 2042 has a future after their delayed season. Nintendo also had a sizable Direct we talked about.

Our topic of the show is about open world games and how to fix them. After Dying Light 2, we’re concerned that open world games try to do too much and feel lost and broken. Too much emphasis is placed on the world which makes the story feel disjointed and unimportant after a while. How can they improve this?

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Show Notes
    • 1:33

       Dying Light 2

    • 24:30

      Pokemon Legends Arceus

    • 43:54

      Life is Strange: True Colors

    • 59:08

      Sony Buys Bungie, Wolf Among Us 2 and Nintendo Direct 2022

    • 1:50:00

      Open World Games are Broken: How to Fix It

    • 2:24:13

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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