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A great story sticks with you long after you’ve finished it; a good book, an exciting TV series, a captivating video game. This past year I played my Nintendo Switch a TON and had the pleasure of being a part of all kinds of stories. But these stories are nothing without the right characters. Not the ones that you see upfront, but the ones who you actually feel for as you being to learn more about them. As I’ve played more and more titles on my Switch, though, I’ve begun noticing that Indie games are creating significantly more compelling stories than most AAA companies. Perhaps most importantly, though, they’re doing it with half the resources and triple the heart. Continue reading

Two months into the life of the Nintendo Switch and we’re all still humming the same critical tune. “Where are the games on this thing? “Where’s the Virtual Console?” “Where’s the AAA support?” Lovers and critics alike have been chastising Nintendo’s newest console for these reasons since it was revealed in January, yet despite these concerns, the Nintendo Switch is still wildly successful. How can a console with a handful of games, no Virtual Console and no (current) AAA support do something so unprecedented?  It begins and ends with Nintendo’s ingenious shift in focus toward independent, retro/semi-retro and first-party AAA games. Continue reading

The Nintendo 64 was one of my first video game consoles ever. I begged and pleaded with my parents to buy me one and have since fallen in love with every single game my parents bought for it. But not a single game I played on it could compare to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was a game about good and evil, about a hero prevailing against all odds, and at such a young age, playing it was my first and only chance to feel like a hero. But as I grew older and matured, so did my taste in video games. Continue reading

For over two decades, handheld gaming has gone through its ebbs and its flows and today we’re still searching for that perfect device. Nintendo has always been on the forefront of the handheld world and has released a number of amazing devices over the years. However, Nintendo has always operated in two separate hardware markets: the handheld and the home console. Their home consoles have never sold as well as their handhelds, and they failed in their first attempt to meld the two together with the Wii U. The Nintendo Switch is their second attempt, and with it, they may have created something truly magical. But first, how did we get here?

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