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391: Suicide Squad, Helldivers 2 and Banishers Ghost of New Eden

February 19, 2024

We revisit Sucide Squad: Kill the Justice League. We’ve all beaten the game and dive into a SPOILERCAST about the final parts of the game, the endgame content and what is coming for the future! We also have another segment where the team is split about whether this game is a success or not. Will it succeed long term? Only time will tell.

We also review Helldivers 2. This game we’ve been really excited for and it truly delivers in a live service experience that is worth every penny. They hit the nail on the head with this game and it’s so much fun with friends!

Jason reviews Banishers Ghost of New Eden. This is a game from Don’t Nod, the developers of Life is Strange and Vampyr. He is enjoying his experience diving into the story, gameplay and more.

In the news, we talk about Disney investing $1.5 billion in Fortnite to bring new experiences from the Disney franchises into Fortnite. Also, Xbox hosts a podcast where they set things straight with all the rumors and stories that came out the week prior about Xbox going multi-platform, their potential console-less future and more.

Show Notes
  • 1:21


  • 3:50

    Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Endgame Review

  • 39:06

    Helldivers 2 Review

  • 1:02:30

    Why Suicide Squad was DOA (Or Was It?)

  • 1:32:16

    Banishers Ghost of New Eden Review

  • 1:50:09

    Disney’s Bet on Fortnite

  • 2:04:50

    Xbox Saves Face from Public Outcry

  • 2:35:25

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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