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230: Doom Eternal, QuakeCon 2019 & Mass Spending Tactics in Games

July 29, 2019

We went to QuakeCon 2019 this past weekend to celebrate Doom’s 25th anniversary! We got to see some new details on Doom, actually play Doom Eternal and participate in BYOC! QuakeCon was great and it was nice to see all the community out there to hang out with us.

This week in the news, Nintendo is fixing their joy-cons, Overwatch has a new hero, Disney talks on acquiring Activision Blizzard and Star Wars The Fallen Order is like Sekiro. Oh and some valets in GTA Online get their butts kicked, caught on fire, ran over, tortured and more. People aren’t nice to these NPC’s…

In the discussion, we go over a video surfaced by YongYea and a few other YouTuber’s about a keynote given 3 years ago at a Helsinki conference. They talk about “Going Whaling” and using what we consider malicious tactics in getting players to spend more and more money using their weaknesses. It’s an interesting topic that needs discussed so hopefully we can strike some change.

Special thanks this week to Crazzie Pro Gear. They provided us with some fantastic backpacks for carrying our gear to the QuakeCon event and they were a life-saver. Interested in a bag of your own? Head over to their website to learn more and purchase one for yourself!

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Show Notes
  • 1:45

    Doom Eternal and QuakeCon

  • 31:48

    Gaming News

  • 1:08:00

    The Methods of Mass Spending with Microtransactions

  • 1:39:04

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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