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208: Metro Exodus, Tetris 99 and Google’s Secret Gaming Project

February 25, 2019

Metro Exodus is here. It’s the game from 4A Games and a series that doesn’t get near enough recognition. Is it worth the playthrough? How does it feel to exit the tunnels and come out into the world? Austin talks all about his 8+ hours in the game. Brett also jumps into Tetris 99, the free game for subscribers of Nintendo Online. It’s 99 players versus you in a battle royale of Tetris. Surprisingly, it’s quite good and a lot of fun.

In our news this week, Reggie has announced his retirement from Nintendo of America and he is to be replaced by Bowser (no seriously.) Fortnite had a festival but not really, it wasn’t official and wasn’t very good so the creators are getting sued. Finally, EA is paying reviewers as part of their partnership program and may be having people remove the watermark if they say bad things about a game. Ethical? Let’s find out.

Google has announced they’re revealing a new gaming project at GDC this year in March. Last year they announced Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was playable in the Chrome Browser which played surprisingly well. We talk about what this could mean if Google enters the gaming space and what they could be developing for the future. Who’s their market? Let’s find out.

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Show Notes
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      Metro Exodus

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      Tetris 99

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      Gaming News

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      Google’s Secret Gaming Project

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      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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