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290: Baldur’s Gate 3, Fall Guys Season 2 and Genre-Defining Games

October 12, 2020

Larian Studios has finally released Baldur’s Gate 3 in Early Access. This features Act 1 of the game in a buggy, yet fun take on Baldur’s Gate from the team that brought us Divinity Original Sin 2. It’s an incredible start with a ton of nods to Dungeons & Dragons. We also talk about the medieval-themed Fall Guys Season 2 which is a ton of fun with a lot of new cosmetics.

In the news, Sucker Punch has unveiled the date for their new co-op, free DLC called Legends. It comes out this Friday! We also talk about the teardown of the PS5 and their awesome cooling system plus the backwards compatibility. Finally, we talk about Crystal Dynamics response to players getting bored of content in Marvel’s Avengers.

This week our discussion is inspired by a question on the MinnMax podcast about genre-defining games. We ask the question “what are the game or games that got you into a genre you otherwise you wouldn’t have played?” We cover everything from CRPG’s to Metroidvania games and talk about that one game (or two) that got us to try a genre that we otherwise looked past.

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Show Notes
      • 3:15

        Baldur’s Gate 3

      • 35:45

        Fall Guys Season 2

      • 40:13

        Ghost of Tsushima Legends, PS5 Teardown and Relief for Avenger’s Players

      • 1:22:19

        What is the game or games that got you into a genre you otherwise wouldn’t have played?

      • 1:55:19

        Upcoming Video Game Releases

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