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155: Monster Hunter World, Dragonball FighterZ and eSports

January 30, 2018

The games are starting to arrive for 2018 and we sure start off with a bang. Monster Hunter is back and this time with an open world and available on the Playstation 4, Xbox and PC. Monster Hunter: World is absolutely incredible and more accessible than ever before. That’s not to say it isn’t challenging, because it is. Capcom is off to a great start this year and we don’t even have Mega Man 11 yet. We also play Dragonball FighterZ, the highly anticipated fighter game in the Dragonball universe. We don’t spend a lot of time on it but it definitely hits home for us. Devan returns to the Darkest Dungeon with the release on the Nintendo Switch complete with all the DLC.

In our gaming news, we talk a lot about streaming such as Facebook entering the game and Snoop Dogg pretending to play. With the closed beta for Sea of Thieves, some new secrets are revealed about the game that could be coming in the future. In the bad news, Paragon shuts down in April.

Finally, our discussion this week is on the rise of eSports. With the success of the Overwatch League we talk about what this means for the sport in general and how it’s growth has been over the years. We also talk about the maturity in the industry and how gamers have a chance to make this sport unlike the others since it’s still in its infancy.

Don’t forget to check our video segment on this talk Thursday on YouTube.

Show Notes
  • 03:52

    Monster Hunter: World

  • 17:19

    Dragonball FighterZ

  • 20:02

    Darkest Dungeon on Nintendo Switch

  • 26:11

    Gaming News

  • 44:22

    The Rise of eSports

  • 1:15:58

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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