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170: Light Fall, Thimbleweed Park and The Cost of Making Games

May 14, 2018

In this week’s episode we visit some indie titles both new and old. Light Fall released by Bishop Games a few weeks ago and we played through the first few hours of these unique side scrolling platformer. In this you play a boy in a world full of darkness, creating platforms to advance further in the game. We also go back to 2017 to jump into an old-school adventure game called Thimbleweed Park. This is from the creators of Monkey Island and you find yourself solving a murder in a weird town.

In the news, we talk about the new details from the Nintendo Switch online service, the real life politician running for Eve Online’s in-game council and a hidden puzzle in Destiny 2 that led to treasure.

This week’s discussion is based on the news article that Shadow of the Tomb Raider cost around 75-100 million to make. With the cost of making games skyrocketing, how developers find ways to continue to make profit? We discuss the pros and cons of free to play and other options available to developers that could advance the industry forward and make both publishers and consumers happy.

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Show Notes
  • 1:33

    Light Fall

  • 11:59

    Thimbleweed Park

  • 24:27

    Gaming News

  • 48:20

    The Cost of Making Video Games

  • 1:25:46

    Upcoming Video Game Releases


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