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320: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Yakuza Like a Dragon and No Man’s Sky

May 24, 2021

We invite our friend Julia to join us on the podcast to talk about Yakuza: Like a Dragon and No Man’s Sky! Julia has played a ton of No Man’s Sky lately and gives us insight into all the new features. She and Brett also talk about the fun they’ve been having in Yakuza Like a Dragon. Austin also talks about his experience knocking through the first of 3 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

In the news, Playstation has a ton of titles coming to the PS5, Grand Theft Auto next-gen is coming and a new survey shows that women hide their gender online due to harassment.  Overwatch 2 also reveals a ton of new changes and one of them is a bit controversial.

In our discussion topic, we chat with Julia about females in gaming. However, we kick things off with a little game. We look at gaming characters (both male and female) we’d marry, hook up with and kill based on who they are in the games. This is definitely for mature audiences only. We also explore some of the evolution of female representation in the gaming space.

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Show Notes
    • 3:34

      Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

    • 20:17

      Yakuza: Like a Dragon

    • 38:17

      No Man’s Sky

    • 50:27

      PS5 Games, Starfield and Overwatch 2

    • 1:19:08

      MFK Game and Female Characters in Gaming

    • 1:51:53

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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