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142.2: Game to Grow Interview on Using Games to Improve Social Skills

October 05, 2017

In a very special episode of The Inner Gamer, we have an interview with Adam Johns and Adam Davis, founders of Game to Grow. They run therapeutic social skills groups using tabletop games and video games as a medium to help kids grow socially.

“Game to Grow believes that games of all kinds can improve people’s lives, and these benefits are not limited to helping youth. Intentionally facilitated games can provide support to adults struggling with anxiety and depression, improve cognitive functioning in the elderly, provide relief for veterans suffering from PTSD, and help many other individuals overcome serious challenges. In the years to come Game to Grow will expand to serve these populations through providing direct services and offering support and resources to other providers so that they can use the power of intentional gaming to provide individuals in their care lasting life-enriching benefits.”
– Game to Grow Vision

In this interview, we go over their idea for making this non-profit, the successes they’ve had thus far and their future plans to expand to help more people than ever before.

Find them online at:
Support their IndieGoGo Campaign at:…me-game-to-grow

Please share this with at least one person, I think it’s important we spread their message and what they’re doing to make sure we help kids game to grow.

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