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135: Fortnite, Tacoma and Microtransactions in Games

August 15, 2017

The highly anticipated title from Epic Games has finally arrived. Fortnite is a “co-op sandbox survival game” where you build bases, fight off zombies and work together to collect massive amounts of loot. It was one of the first games announced for Unreal Engine 4 and is finally here. We break down the good and the bad. Want to see an extend review and what went wrong? Check out our video on YouTube.

We also played through Tacoma and share our thoughts on that highly anticipated follow up to 2013’s smash hit Gone Home, what many call the first “walking simulator.” It’s a sci-fi walking simulator where you land on a space station to discover what happened on the months leading up to today.

In our news segment, we talk about a lot of new card games ironically such as one in the works from Gearbox and Valve’s first game in years called Artifact. A lot of story details have emerged from Call of Duty WWII and we may actually be excited about this one!

Finally, our discussion this week is all about microtransactions and loot boxes. Brett first wrote about this last week on his article titled “Put the Loot Box to Rest.” We expand on this conversation with the group on the history of loot boxes and microtransactions, explore the good, the bad and what could make it work better. Want to join in the conversation? I polled Reddit about this and they’ve contributed a lot of great opinions about this matter here.

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