Enter the Battlegrounds: Part Three

Stories are traditionally told in three parts: the setup, the confrontation and the resolution. Movies, TV shows and even video games follow this structure. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, however, does not. In fact, it tells no story at all. Instead, it tells its stories dynamically through the individual experiences of its players. No two stories are the same, making for rich experiences that you just have to share with others. I may have changed some names, but the stories I’m telling are true; these are my stories from the Battlegrounds.

2 Klicks East of Georgopol: 1100 Hours

Another new recruit. Exo is his name. He seems eager to fight. That’ll change soon. We grab a car and hit the road. Destination: Goergopol, the city on the coast. We dropped in a barren area, no supplies to our name. We had to get to Goergopol before the others do. Before they loot what’s ours.

Georgopol Landing Zone in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Source: BlueHole Studios

As we make our approach we catch a car coming our direction. Gold is quick to slam on the brakes. We jump out in a cloud of dust and run for cover. The enemy squad opens fire as they make a break for the houses. Not if I can help it. I pop off two shots and knock the first to his knees. A couple more shots brings the second down too. A third bogey makes it safely behind the building over. That is, until he finds Krypt at the ready. “Krypt, take him out!” The coast seemed clear, until a bullet dropped right next to me. “Enemies on the hill!”

We jump out in a cloud of dust and run for cover.

Unfortunately for us, no one can see them. They’re well hidden. I’m a sitting duck. With no line of sight, I get shot and drop to the ground, badly wounded. Meanwhile, Krypt and Gold breach the remaining buildings hoping to make something out of nothing. Exo doesn’t make it out of the crossfire.

Two more cars make their approach from the South. Krypt peeks out and downs two enemy players but fails to pick of the third. He makes a break for the building over before taking a shot to the leg. He falls. Gold is the only one left…and the enemy is closing in. With little options left, he makes a last ditch attempt to escape. A single shot from the hilltop is all it takes. Game over. What was meant to be a simple resource operation ended in a blood bath. That’s what it takes to be the winning team. In these stories, there is rarely a happy ending.

This concludes the three part series.


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