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In the games of old, everything was simpler. You got one character, one weapon and a handful of abilities. Mario was Mario and a sword was a sword. As the years have come and gone, however, the idea of “loot” has become more and more prominent. Loot gives players a sense of progression, reward and personal accomplishment, and the birth of the “loot box” has transformed that even further. What used to be a neat little bonus has become an integral part of game progression. Will we ever reach a point where we say we’ve had enough? Continue reading

Storytelling dates back to ancient man.  Stories of hunters, of gatherers, of man rising up against all odds to save his people. We have all seen, heard, and read stories just like these all our lives. They have molded us, shaped us, and changed our lives for better and for worse. Stories are integral parts of what makes us human, an outlet for self expression, and video games have changed the way we interact with them.  Before video games, only in our wildest dreams could we physically and emotionally connect with a story and its world.  But video games aren’t just stories and they’re not just video games. One can’t exist without the other. A great story is only as good as the mechanics that make it tick.

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