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Episode 92: Forza Horizon 3, Telltale’s Batman and Justin Sirois from Dungeon Dealers

October 03, 2016

This week we talk with Justin Sirois, creator of the Dungeon Dealer cards for tabletop RPG’s as well as his new tabletop story called “Beneath.” We race through the shores of Australia in Forza Horizon 3, step in the shoes of Bruce Wayne in Telltale’s Batman and put our strengths to the test in Destiny. In the news this week Firewatch is becoming a film, Destiny 2 is coming to PC and From Software hints at their next games.

You can find Justin’s latest project “Beneath” here on Kickstarter.

Show Notes
  • 03:48

    Forza Horizon 3

  • 16:46

    Telltale’s Batman Episode 2

  • 24:38

    Destiny Rise of Iron

  • 31:09

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

  • 34:25

    Gaming News

  • 50:50

    Justin Sirois Interview of Dungeon Dealers

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