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376: BattleBit, Midnight Ghost Hunt and AI in Gaming

July 03, 2023

In episode 376 of The Inner Gamer, we dive into the latest and greatest in the world of gaming. We kick things off by discussing the highly anticipated release of Battlebit Remastered, a brick-like game that harkens back to the days of Battlefield 2. We then explore the intriguing concept of Midnight Ghost Hunt, a unique multiplayer game where players can take on the role of either a ghost or a ghost hunter, adding a thrilling twist to the gameplay experience.

Next, we delve into the recent announcements from Nintendo Direct, and the upcoming release of Super Mario RPG, a title that has long been requested by fans of the iconic plumber. We also take a deep dive into the fascinating topic of AI in gaming, discussing its potential to enhance gameplay and create more immersive experiences. We also talk about the darker side of AI in gaming.

However, it’s not all positive news, as we address the prevalence of broken games released in the past year. We express our frustration as gamers and emphasize the need for better quality assurance in the industry. Join us in this episode of The Inner Gamer as we engage in an insightful and entertaining discussion on these diverse gaming topics.

Show Notes
  • 1:04


  • 3:57

    Battlebit Remastered Review

  • 30:28

    Midnight Ghost Hunt Review

  • 48:05

    5 Biggest Announcements from June’s Nintendo Direct

  • 1:01:47

    AI in Gaming

  • 1:35:40

    Gaming Apology Tour: Why Are Games Releasing Broken?

  • 2:02:49

    Ubisoft Forward Showcase Recap

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