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350: Mario Strikers: Battle League, Dreamhack and Starfield

June 20, 2022

In our milestone episode 350, we have a ton of exciting things to talk about! It’s con season and of course we’ve been going to some cons. Brett and Austin talk about their trip to Dreamhack Dallas where we played Trickshot and Rocket Rumble, two games we’re looking forward to playing with the community in the future. Brett and Jason talk about Dallas Fan Expo where we got to see some great cosplay and chat with some voice actors/actresses! We also review Mario Strikers: Battle League, Sniper Elite 5 and V Rising.

In the news, we talk about conferences like Day of the Devs, PC Gaming Show, Netflix Geeked Week, Devolver Digital Showcase and the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth reveal.

Our news this week focuses on the biggest conventions of the summer: Summer Game Fest and Xbox and Bethesda’s Showcase. The Summer Game Fest was pretty slow, with a lot of content but not a lot of hype. The Xbox showcase on the other hand was also busy but brought a lot more surprises, especially since all the games release in the next 12 months.

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Show Notes
    • 2:21

      Dreamhack Dallas 2022 (Rocket Rumble and Trickshot)

    • 23:13

      Dallas Fan Expo 2022

    • 34:59

      Sniper Elite 5

    • 48:58

      Mario Strikers: Battle League

    • 1:00:32

      V Rising

    • 1:11:39

      Day of the Devs, Netflix Geeked Week, PC Gaming Show, Devolver Digital Showcase and Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

    • 1:39:11

      Summer Game Fest 2022 and Xbox/Bethesda Showcase

    • 2:31:17

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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