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365: Most Anticipated Games of 2023, Citizen Sleeper and The Last of Us

January 30, 2023

If you’re wondering what’s coming in 2023 in the games industry, look no further than our most anticipated games of 2023 top 10 list.

We checked out Forspoken now that it’s officially released and unfortunately it’s the same as it was during the demo. It’s missing something. It’s missing fun. Another bummer, Suicide Squad is said to have a battle pass, a store and more live service elements. We hoped it wouldn’t go the way of Marvel’s Avengers. Can they do what Avenger’s couldn’t?

We review Citizen Sleeper, a dystopian Cyberpunk game based on tabletop RPG’s. It’s a lot of reading but Brett has been having a good time playing this interesting and innovative story. We also review the first two episodes of The Last of Us. NOTE: This does include spoilers.

Show Notes
  • 1:13


  • 3:16

    Most Anticipated Games of 2023

  • 55:20

    Forspoken is Still Not Good

  • 1:14:56

    Citizen Sleeper Review

  • 1:38:19

    The Last of Us TV Review: Episode 1 and 2 (SPOILERS)

  • 2:09:34

    Should We Be Worried About Suicide Squad?

  • 2:22:59

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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