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336: Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite and 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

November 22, 2021

This week is heavily focused on multiplayer with our review of Battlefield 2042. Does it live up to the hype? We also talk about the surprise reveal of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta head of the full launch December 8th. Lastly, this week wouldn’t be complete without our review of Grand  Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition. Is it as bad as people say it is?

In the news, the Warner Bros. smash game we talked about last week is in fact real with the reveal of Multiversus. We also saw the reveal of a Dead by Daylight type game in the Dragon Ball Universe and Back 4 Blood reveals their full roadmap.

In our discussion, we have our holiday gift guide! Everyone chooses a few of their favorite picks and we close up with a few deals you won’t want to miss.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Brett’s Picks

  1. Riders Republic – $30 on Amazon
  2. Xbox Wireless Elite Controller Series 2  – $169.99 on Amazon
  3. LG 32″ 1440p Ultragear Gaming Monitor (165hz) – $276.99 on Amazon

Austin’s Picks

  1. HyperX Cloud II Wireless Gaming Headset – $129.99 on Best Buy
  2. Zengrip Pro OLED Slim Bundle for Switch OLED – $49.99 on Satisfye
  3. Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop – $1879.99 on Alienware (Note: The deal on the podcast, unfortunately ended early.)

Jason’s Picks

  1. Deathloop for PS5 – $24.99 on Gamestop
  2. Sony’s Playstation 5 – $499 at Sony (Walmart sold out.)
  3. Mario Golf Super Rush – $49.94 on Walmart
Show Notes
    • 3:56

      Battlefield 2042

    • 41:29

      Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta

    • 52:34

      Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy – Definitive Edition

    • 1:00:17

      Multiversus, Dragon Ball Z Breakers and Back 4 Blood

    • 1:31:56

      2021 Holiday Gift Guide

    • 2:05:42

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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