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328: New World, Battlefield Portal and The Fall and Future of Blizzard

August 02, 2021

We invite our friend Travis on to talk about Amazon’s new MMO New World. It’s a brand new MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios and we’re surprised at how good it is! We played well over 10 hours each and got a good in-depth look at the gameplay, leveling system, world building and more.

In the news we discuss EA Play, the Annapurna Showcase and Ubisoft’s new Tom Clancy Game xDefiant.

With all the chaos coming out of Blizzard and their sexual harassment suit, we look back at the fall of Blizzard dating back to 2018. A lot has happened and little of it has been good, can they bring themselves back up and survive in the future?

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Show Notes
      • 2:55

        New World Beta Impressions

      • 50:34

        EA Play, Annapurna Interactive and xDefiant

      • 1:31:36

        The Fall and Future of Blizzard

      • 1:57:25

        Upcoming Video Game Releases

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