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221: A Plague’s Tale Innocence, Human Fall Flat & Game Difficulty

May 29, 2019

Asobo Studio has mostly been a support studio in the past but has recently dropped a new title called A Plague’s Tale Innocence. It’s a game about a girl and her brother running from the Inquisition. It’s creative, original and full of great gameplay. We also play an older game called Human Fall Flat. It’s a physics-based game where you have to perform platforming maneuvers with a very unstable character.

In the news, GOG aims to unite all our game launchers on the PC and Dauntless is the first game to offer crossplay with the PS4. The Firewatch publishers announce a new handheld device and Steam launches Steam Chat.

In our discussion, we talk about difficulty in games. Some games like Sekiro don’t come with a difficulty setting. It’s one size fits all. That is both good and bad for the gamer. We make a case for why we should have difficulty in games, including easy modes.

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Show Notes
  • 4:15

    A Plague’s Tale: Innocence

  • 18:03

    Human Fall Flat

  • 23:08

    Gaming News

  • 47:12

    Easy Mode and Video Game Difficulty

  • 1:08:04

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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