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209: The Division 2, Pokemon Sword and What’s Next for Borderlands?

March 05, 2019

Ubisoft returns with The Division 2. We dive into the beta to see what’s changed with this iteration set in Washington D.C. Will it keep fans engaged long-term with all their new features? Brett literally jumps into Anthem to test out the intro and see if the long loading times are a reality (hint: they are.) We also talk about our awesome Super Smash Bros. tournament we held last week. Shoutout to ice and TROL for getting #1 and #2 and winning the big prizes!

What’s more exciting is The Pokemon Company has officially unveiled Pokemon Sword and Shield coming later this year! Set in Galar, you embark on a journey in what appears to be a take on Great Britain. We can’t wait! Meanwhile, some CEO’s for big companies are way overpaid, Fortnite is considering respawning and someone leaked the Apex Legends map a year ago and no one really cared. Oh and did we mention Xbox Game Pass may come to Switch? That’ll be interesting.

Our discussion is on Gearbox Software this week. They revealed they have some big announcements coming to Pax East 2019 at the end of the month. We assume it’s Borderlands 3 and we speculate what would make the next Borderlands something we’d get hyped about. We also talk about some lesser known franchises from Gearbox and discuss how they’d fair in today’s market.

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Show Notes
    • 1:13

      Super Smash Tourney Recap

    • 6:22

      The Division 2 Beta

    • 22:53


    • 29:08

      Gaming News

    • 53:55

      Gearbox Software and What’s Next from Borderlands

    • 1:14:50

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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