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178: Pode, West of Loathing and Danny Gallagher on Video Game Writing

July 09, 2018

This week we run through some indie games such as Pode from the team at Henchman & Goon. We also finally play through the incredibly funny adventure RPG West of Loathing. Both of these games are now on the Switch so naturally we had to give them a go.

In our gaming news, we talk about the Guild Wars 2 writer controversy, some new remakes in the business and Steam’s most played games.

This week we have an exciting new interview with writer Danny Gallagher. Danny Gallagher has written for the Jackbox Party Pack series contributing to Lie Swatter, Trivia Murder Party and Bracketeering. He also recently co-wrote the latest game from Snap Finger Click called Awkward. It’s a new party game that fits the name…it’s awkward. We also dive into his story such as how he got into video game writing and where he’s going next.

Learn more about Danny on Twitter @thisisdannyg. You can pick up Awkward on Steam here.

Check out our favorite video clips from the discussion every Thursday at our YouTube Channel.

Show Notes
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  • 8:51

    West of Loathing

  • 19:23

    Gaming News

  • 44:11

    Danny Gallagher Interview: Writer for Jackbox Party Pack and Awkward

  • 1:27:40

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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