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179: Octopath Traveler, The Walking Dead: Our World and 2018 Part 2

July 16, 2018

Octopath Traveler is finally here and we carry through with our save into the game world itself. This game is long and it will be quite the journey but I think we’re ready. Brett tries out the new Pokemon Go like game called The Walking Dead: Our World. It’s similar in vein to Pokemon Go with a bit more time-gating. Finally, Austin is playing through The Banner Saga 2 in prep for The Banner Saga 3 at the end of July.

In our news we talk about some of the major enhancements to Warframe, Shroud getting banned from PUBG for a month and the major updates to Fortnite with Season 5.

Finally, our discussion has us looking back on the first half of 2018 with our top 3 games thus far. Then we look forward into the rest of 2018. There is a storm of new games coming and the crew shares their most anticipated games.

Dane Batzel joins us again from Game Night Dallas for the podcast!

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Show Notes
  • 1:34

    Octopath Traveler

  • 13:00

    The Walking Dead: Our World

  • 23:41

    The Banner Saga 2

  • 33:05

    Gaming News

  • 51:01

    The Top 3 Games of Part 1 of 2018 and Most Anticipated Games for Part 2 of 2018

  • 1:24:44

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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