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172: Detroit Become Human, Rocket League and Battlefield V

May 29, 2018

We experience what life would be like if androids become more human to the point where they’re nearly indistinguishable. What would our lives be like? How would react in certain situations? In Detroit: Become Human, we get to experience this from the mind of David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

The news this week has some sad moments with a few crucial members of the gaming industry passing away and the PS4 nearing the end of its life cycle. On a good note, Fortnite gets $100 million invested by Epic Games to become an eSports game and Rocket League is bringing out a new free map with new content called “Salty Shores.”

Our discussion is all about the new, game changing features of Battlefield V. It’s confirmed to be WWII telling lesser known stories of that era.We also have a new mode called Grand Operations and Combat Arms with 4 player co-op. Finally they reveal Tide of War which is an ongoing “service” that will lend itself to bringing players back for daily events to unlock new stuff.

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Show Notes
  • 1:41

    Detroit: Become Human

  • 29:07

    Pokemon GO

  • 34:08

    Gaming News

  • 57:55

    The Game Changing Features of Battlefield V

  • 1:24:54

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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