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165: Fan Expo Dallas, DropMix & Our Most Wanted Remastered Games

April 09, 2018

We just got back from Fan Expo Dallas. We’re exhausted, overwhelmed and elated at all the things we got to do and people we got to see. We talk about our highlights such as hanging out with Roadhog, meeting all kinds of amazing cosplayers and picking up some cool swag. We also play the fun music card game from last year DropMix, jump into Far Cry Arcade and talk about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the new event mode.

In the news, April Fool’s Day was ripe with some great jokes from game developers and publishers everywhere. We’re starting to see microtransactions fade away or developers purposely pointing out they don’t have microtransactions. Then we got news that Spyro Remastered is real and is coming in September.

Our discussion this week leads from the Spyro talk where Austin and Brett talk about their top 5 most wanted remastered games. We go through the list of games that haven’t been remastered but very well should be. What would you pick?

Don’t forget to check our video segment on this talk Thursday on YouTube.

Show Notes
    • 1:32

      Fan Expo Dallas

    • 12:40


    • 20:27

      Far Cry 5

    • 33:02

      Gaming News

    • 50:35

      Top 5 Remastered Games We Want to See

    • 1:23:33

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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