Month: February 2018

When someone looks back on their favorite video game characters, they tend to look toward the the way that character looked. The way they talked. They way they interacted with the world they were in. What people don’t think about, though, is what’s going on inside a character’s head; their mental stability. Within the last year I played two games that made me realize that developers are exploring protagonists with troubled lives that challenge the form of standard video game hero/heroine tropes. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Continue reading

When I play games, I don’t often do it for the challenge. I’m the guy that picks Easy in the difficulty settings. In my mind, games are meant to be enjoyed, not studied. I want to play to take a break from a long day of work and multitasking to do something rewarding. When Monster Hunter: World arrived I was intrigued by the open world and cooperative focus. What I discovered was much deeper. What have I gotten myself into? When I began my first hunt, I realized there is more than meets the eye in Monster Hunter.

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I caved and bought a PC just under a year ago… and, to tell you the truth, I can’t even remember why I did it. There was probably a pros and cons list involved, though. “Oh yeah, I need it for work” was most likely at the top of that list. To be fair, I’ve been very productive with it since I’ve had it. I’m writing this from it right now, actually. So maybe that “pro” was more justified than I thought. But the real reason I bought a PC was to take my gaming to the next level. I’d spent years looking on as PC gamers played games I’d never get to and I’d been keeping tabs on them ever since. My first few months as a PC gamer were spent exploring this enormous backlog.

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