There Are (Not) Enough Hours in the Day

It’s 1 AM and I’m rushing to bed.

There are not enough hours in the day.

The rooster crows, it’s time to wake, it’s 6 AM with no time to waste.  I turn on the tube, check the weather and news, “The spirits are (somewhat) mildly perturbed.” By seven I’m farming, harvest and sow, these sprinklers are great, not one little crow.  An hour goes by, albeit too quick, it was time to tend to my cows and my chicks. Pet, feed, rinse and repeat, just a little bit of help, well, that would be sweet. It’s a quarter to ten with not a moment to spare, an hour with kegs, to town with errands I bear.

Mayor Lewis and Marnie, Robin, Pierre, a passing glance, if only the chance, but of my time I am aware.

There are not enough hours in the day.

My errands are complete, all the geodes Clint beat, but my work has just started in these cobblestone streets. Should I fish, should I gather, well, I would do the latter, but it’s Winter, so mining, more rocks I will shatter.  Gems, stones, geodes and more, but I can’t forget of this event that I swore.

It’s Leah’s birthday today, “there are not enough hours in the day,” I think as I get my new task underway.

It’s 2 PM, but one has got to make a living.

I hack and slash away, guts and minerals galore, I soon realize I’m approaching that elusive last floor.  “It’s only four,” I think, “I’ve got plenty of time, I’ll pack up my things about a quarter to nine.” I continue to work, and work, and work, the floors go by in this treacherous mine, I’ve reached 119 with just an hour of time.  I run and I hack and I slash some more, but I cannot find the ladder to the very last floor.  I pick and poke at every last stone until the path to my throne had finally shown. I claimed my reward, a key I knew nothing about…but it was 11 PM, I had to rush out!

How could I do this…through rocks, through trees, through streams…what was I thinking? I arrive at the bar when my heart began sinking.

It was a half past eleven…and I’d missed her birthday.

I sulked home that night, took the long way back, my mind kept reverting to thoughts of my lack… of discipline, of care, but, then, a small glance, is that my dear Leah on her way back to her shack? I picked up the pace and, alas, it was true! But soon her small figure crept out of view. It was midnight…..but I’d made it, not a moment too late, “You remembered my birthday! Thank you. This is great.”

A sigh of relief.

It was a quarter past midnight,  the night nearly gone, I walked on home, “is there anything else to be done?” I could fish for an hour, make a buck, maybe two?

No… I’m done for today.

It’s 1 AM and I’m walking to bed, this time with a lesson I’ll never forget:

Don’t do or say anything you’ll live to regret.

Because there are enough hours in the day.
You just haven’t seen it yet.

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