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381: Starfield, Pikmin 4 and the Switch 2 Rumors

September 11, 2023

Xbox’s most anticipated game of the year has finally arrived: Starfield. Starfield is Bethesda’s first new universe in 25 years and it leaves the team…divided. Some like it, some say it leaves a lot to be desired. Will it have the staying power that Skyrim had in gaming history or will it quickly be forgotten?

We also review Pikmin 4 on the Switch. This is a cute little game featuring tiny plant-like creatures. You adventure around a planet trying to rescue the Rescue Corps and find the Pikmin of all types. It has a great art style, fun gameplay and a breath of fresh air when playing all these super demanding games.

In the news, we anticipate some gaming talks coming from the iPhone 15 announcement but we also discuss a software release earlier this year that allows easier gaming on the mac. Will we finally see gaming officially come to Mac computers? We discuss rumors of the Switch 2 with a new camera feature, new cartridge types, backwards compatibility and more. Finally, what’s with this PS Plus price hike? Is it warranted? We talk about all this and more!

Show Notes
  • 1:07


  • 2:58

    Starfield Early Review

  • 1:00:25

    Pikmin 4 Review

  • 1:18:19

    Is the Super Switch Real?

  • 1:44:08

    Gaming on a Mac

  • 2:00:23

    What’s the Deal with the PS Plus Price Hike?

  • 2:25:02

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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