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321: Knockout City, Biomutant and Horizon Forbidden West

May 31, 2021

Brett jumps into Knockout City with his EA Play Pro pass. This is a new EA Original featuring 3v3  multiplayer dodgeball, 1v1  and more. It’s a fun, action-packed multiplayer experience with some simple controls and a lot of depth. Austin also plays Biomutant which we’ve been looking forward to for a while. Unfortunately, it’s not what we expected and may not be worth the suggestion.

In the news, we had a ton of new gameplay reveals this week. Horizon Forbidden West, Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2 releases new footage. We also talk predictions from Microsoft’s press conference and Valve working on a portable PC.

This week’s discussion is from Michael in Maryland. He brought up the question of owning games vs. getting access to them via subscription services. We explore the cost of subscriptions and the fact you don’t really own anything, but the value you get per game. Then we talk about the burden of always being online to play these games.

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Show Notes
    • 2:48

      Knockout City

    • 15:16


    • 30:34

      Horizon Forbidden West, Far Cry 6 and Dying Light 2: Stay Human

    • 1:25:30

      The Longevity of Game Ownership

    • 1:56:10

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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