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268: Project Winter, Call of Duty Warzone and Most Overrated Games

May 12, 2020

Project Winter is a fun 8 player cooperative game where everyone uses voice chat and works together to escape off a brutal island. There are harsh winds, bears, elk and…traitors. There are 2 traitors in each game and your goal as a team is to escape and avoid getting killed by the traitors! We also play Call of Duty Warzone again and it’s really growing on us. We played a lot this weekend and find it to really bring a lot to the multiplayer industry.

In the news, there are many digital games fests happening this summer with events not happening in person. Despite that, Xbox had their “Series X Gameplay Reveal” and it was a bit ho hum. They marketed it wrong but overall there were some interesting games to explore.

In the discussion this week, we talk about our most overrated games of all time. From Fortnite to Halo, we run the gamut of games we think got a bit more attention than they deserved.

Special thanks to Crazzie Pro Gear. They provided us with some incredible pro-level backbacks for carrying our computer equipment to all our events. If you want a bag yourself, head over to their website to purchase one! A portion of the proceeds go to support The Inner Gamer.

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Show Notes
      • 4:19

        Project Winter

      • 22:25

        Call of Duty Warzone

      • 40:12

        Gaming News

      • 1:16:37

        The Most Overrated Games of All Time

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