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198: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Enter the Gungeon & the State of the Gaming Industry

November 27, 2018

We take a trip back to Kanto with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu. This is a new Pokemon RPG game and the first full game for the Switch with Pokemon (aside from Pokken). In this game, it’s mostly a remake of the original Red, Blue and Yellow but in full 3D. It’s a bit toned down from the originals and not as challenging, but still immensely fun as Brett explains in his impressions. Austin also dives deep into the dungeon with Enter the Gungeon. On sale on the Switch, he talks about how much fun he’s having with this game on the Switch and why everyone should pick it up for such a good price.

In our news, Remedy’s former CEO starts a new studio focused on “underserved” markets and celebrities are frustrated with Fortnite for selling emotes about their dances or moves from tv shows or rap videos. We also revisit women in Battlefield V and share our opinion on how we may agree with them not being in the game but for a much different reason than historical accuracy. Instead, we’re talking about the violent treatment to not just men, but women since you can play as both genders in these war zones.

Finally, our discussion explores some topics brought up in a great discussion between games journalist Jason Schreier and Youtube Influencer YongYea. We talk about gamer rage, consumerism, developers and publishers in gaming and where the future of gaming is going.

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Show Notes
    • 6:06

      Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu

    • 16:43

      Enter the Gungeon

    • 23:47

      Battlefield V

    • 38:54

      Gaming News

    • 1:06:30

      The State of the Video Game Industry: YouTube Influencer vs. Gaming Journalist

    • 1:41:15

      Upcoming Video Game Releases

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