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162: SXSW Gaming Expo, Fortnite and Gameplay Innovations

March 19, 2018

We spent our weekend at South by Southwest in Austin, TX for the Gaming Expo. We met some incredible people with remarkable stories, lots of laughs and some fantastic games. We talk all about the games we got to play while on the show floor including West of Loathing, Once Upon a Coma and more. We also finally jump into Fortnite Battle Royale, afraid to escape from PUBG and find it to be much better than we anticipated. Dare we say hooked?

600,000 people tuned in this past week to watch Drake and Ninja play Fortnite so that was partially why we jumped in. In addition, Arlington, TX of all places is getting a huge eSports arena and we learn the height of Mario character’s based on Luigi’s penis size.

This week, we sit down and discussion innovative gameplay mechanics. There are many things we take for granted these days such as auto-saves, destructible environments and even jumping. Can you believe we used to not be able to jump in games? We discuss all of the major gameplay mechanics and how they changed the way we play games forever.

Show Notes
  • 1:44

    SXSW Gaming Expo

  • 19:04

    Fortnite Battle Royale

  • 25:43

    Gaming News

  • 51:54

    Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

  • 1:19:16

    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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