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150: Battlefront 2, Call of Duty WWII and Fan Questions + Giveaway!

November 28, 2017

We’re nearing the end of the year and no major game releases left but we still have a bunch to talk about from the storm that has been 2017 for Episode 150! This week we follow up on Star Wars Battlefront 2 with our thoughts on the full campaign and all the multiplayer. Devan jumps into Overwatch again to talk about all the awesome new updates they’ve brought out this year such as the character Moira and the new map Junkertown. Brett finishes the campaign for Call of Duty WWII and shares his thoughts on this campaign and how it fits into all the great games of the year. Finally, we delve into some more PUBG as our console friends get closer to having it on the Xbox!

In our news segment, there is a lot more on Electronic Arts mess ups, microtransactions and more. Bungie also screwed up and had a rigged system in Destiny 2 which made for some unhappy fans on Reddit. On the bright side, someone made a super cool animation inspired by Cuphead with Dark Souls characters.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Episode 150 without a giveaway! We posted a contest a few weeks ago and received tons of submissions from our fans. We picked our favorite questions for a grab bag discussion on subjects such as how we’d change the video game industry, our favorite Christmas memories, DLC and what would NPC would we like to step into the shoes of. We also pick a winner for our giveaway! Make sure and listen to see if you won and check your email for the follow up to win your FREE GAME! Thanks to everyone for submitting and we appreciate all the support. Please take the time to head over to our website and donate to us on Patreon so we can keep bringing great content to you each week!

Show Notes
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2

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    Call of Duty WWII

  • 25:27

    PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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    Gaming News

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    Episode 150 Fan Grab Bag and Giveaway

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    Upcoming Video Game Releases

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