The Inner Gamer,

138: Mario + Rabbids, Destiny 2 and Environmental Storytelling

September 05, 2017

This week we have Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as our main focus. This is a deep game and as such we have a lot to talk about. We were surprised at the quality of this game for having such a short time between announcement and launch but it’s very good. We also talk about the latest DLC from Little Nightmares.

In our news, we have the free games for Xbox One and Playstation 4 for September. There are some good ones including Oxenfree and Infamous Second Son. We also discuss the Nintendo Switch Nindie lineup, 343 Industries working on VR/AR tech, Destiny 2 and more.

In our discussion, we break down environmental storytelling and how powerful it is for a game. We use examples from games like What Remains of Edith Finch, Bloodbourne and even Overwatch to delve into how game developers tell a story in a unique way via narrative, investigative and atmospheric.

Show Notes
  • 01:55

    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

  • 18:20

    Little Nightmares: The Depth DLC

  • 23:07

    Free Games of the Month

  • 26:42

    Gaming News

  • 51:02

    Environmental Storytelling

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