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135.2: Sea of Thieves Interview with Rare

August 21, 2017

In a very special episode of The Inner Gamer, we have an interview with the executive producer and design director on the upcoming game Sea of Thieves, releasing in 2018.

Sea of Thieves is being developed by Rare, most recognized for games such as Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye 007, Viva Pinata and much more. Their 30+ year pedigree is incredible and their newest title is being developed exclusively for the Microsoft Xbox One and the PC.

Sea of Thieves is a shared world adventure game where you and your friends band together as pirates on the open seas. You encounter enemy ships, find buried treasure, drink a few beers and fire yourself off into the air with cannons.

In this interview, we cover a wide array of topics such as what it’s like working for Rare and how they came to develop a game such as this. We also dive deep into the game itself on what its like to explore, find and play with friends, what you can do as a player and the reception from fans in their Insider Program.

Where to Find Our Guests:

Mike Chapman, Design Director –@ChappersChapman

Joe Neate, Executive Producer – @JoeNeate1

Show Notes
  • 00:32

    Sea of Thieves Interview

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