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Episode 106: Day of the Tentacle, CES 2017 and Video Games in Education

January 10, 2017

It was a big week in news as we had the Consumer Electronics Show (aka CES 2017). A lot of great new tech was announced such as a three screen laptop by Razer, a projection system to expand your screen in your room called Project Ariana and some really expensive screens and laptops with 4K, 8K and lots of RAM. We also talk about Overwatch’s new update, Steam is bringing controller support to all games and GTA 5’s map is expanding.

On the video game front we talk about our experiences with Resident Evil Remastered and Day of the Tentacle, a remake from a classic game by LucasArts.

In our discussion, we explore video games in education. What can be done to make them a larger part of education? Why haven’t they moved further than they have? What kinds of experiences are already out there for kids? It’s a different topic but one we had a lot of fun exploring.

Show Notes
  • 03:55

    Resident Evil Remastered

  • 09:38

    Day of the Tentacle

  • 16:20

    CES 2017

  • 34:22

    Additional Gaming News

  • 46:45

    Video Games in Education

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