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A great story sticks with you long after you’ve finished it; a good book, an exciting TV series, a captivating video game. This past year I played my Nintendo Switch a TON and had the pleasure of being a part of all kinds of stories. But these stories are nothing without the right characters. Not the ones that you see upfront, but the ones who you actually feel for as you being to learn more about them. As I’ve played more and more titles on my Switch, though, I’ve begun noticing that Indie games are creating significantly more compelling stories than most AAA companies. Perhaps most importantly, though, they’re doing it with half the resources and triple the heart. Continue reading

‘Little Inferno’ is a beautifully simple game with a beautifully simple premise: stay warm in a very cold place. What’s more is that in order to stay warm, you must burn items that you yourself purchase. That’s about it. The art style is similar to other games by The Tomorrow Corporation but there is something particularly special about this game. Although strange on the surface, ‘Little Inferno’ is a brilliant work of art whose atmosphere and simple mechanics reveal a message that can resonate with everyone.

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