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It’s 1 AM and I’m rushing to bed.

There are not enough hours in the day.

The rooster crows, it’s time to wake, it’s 6 AM with no time to waste.  I turn on the tube, check the weather and news, “The spirits are (somewhat) mildly perturbed.” By seven I’m farming, harvest and sow, these sprinklers are great, not one little crow.  An hour goes by, albeit too quick, it was time to tend to my cows and my chicks. Pet, feed, rinse and repeat, just a little bit of help, well, that would be sweet. It’s a quarter to ten with not a moment to spare, an hour with kegs, to town with errands I bear.

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Difficulty in video games has always been appealing to me. I find myself drawn to the challenge of beating a game on its hardest difficulty or unlocking its incredibly secret, game-breaking super weapon. So when a friend of mine told me I HAD to play Dark Souls, I knew I couldn’t deny him. I was the guy who bested both Ninja Gaiden and God of War on their hardest difficulties.  I had a reputation to uphold. After all, how bad could it be?
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A little over a year ago, Austin, Travis and I went to see Dragon Ball Z Resurrection in theaters. Following the movie, the three of us went down to a local bar to unwind and talk about it, among other things. During this discussion, we had a heated conversation about Halo and whether or not it was one of the best FPS’s of all time. We never reached a conclusion but after a few more drinks an idea was born…an idea we never thought would become what it is today.

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