Author: Luis Gonzalez

It is 9 AM PST on a Friday here in beautiful Los Angeles, California and you can feel it in the air already.  It’s a very special feeling.  A nervous excitement with a hint of dread and, dare I say, arousal. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the biggest show in all of video games, a worldly event where anything can happen, and it is finally here. This year’s show is shaping up to one of the best ones yet made even better with the addition of two of my buddies alongside me on the show floor.  But the show floor isn’t even the best part of this week long event.  EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo will all be having individual press conferences leading up to the show itself. This is where the magic happens. These are the stages that brought us the Nintendo DS, the $299 Playstation, and, most recently, Breath of the Wild. This is where it counts. 24 hours separates us from the first of these wonderful conferences. I’d like to detail my expectations for them now. Continue reading

Two months into the life of the Nintendo Switch and we’re all still humming the same critical tune. “Where are the games on this thing? “Where’s the Virtual Console?” “Where’s the AAA support?” Lovers and critics alike have been chastising Nintendo’s newest console for these reasons since it was revealed in January, yet despite these concerns, the Nintendo Switch is still wildly successful. How can a console with a handful of games, no Virtual Console and no (current) AAA support do something so unprecedented?  It begins and ends with Nintendo’s ingenious shift in focus toward independent, retro/semi-retro and first-party AAA games. Continue reading

2016 took us all on a very long, very welcome trip down memory lane and 2017 is doing much of the same.  Franchises like Crash Bandicoot and Parappa the Rapper are back and better than ever and a slew of other classic revivals are on the horizon. But there are still a few franchises out there that are showing no signs of coming back. I’ve compiled a list of a select few of those dormant franchises below, particularly ones that have made a significant impact in my life. Note that this list excludes any games that have been rebooted, are being rebooted, or are similar enough to titles that have been developed or are currently being developed. Examples include Quake, Banjo Kazooie, Silent Hill, Onimusha, etc.

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It was July and the birds were chirping. No, not the avian kind. The human kind. They were saying something indistinguishable. It wasn’t in another language or anything, but it was something I’d never heard before: Rocket League. What the hell is Rocket League? “Another racing game,” I thought; wrong. It wasn’t a racing game at all. Far from it, actually. It was a soccer game…with cars. “Now we’re talking.” It was summertime and I had all the time in the World…but it would only take minutes. I was hooked.

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It’s 1 AM and I’m rushing to bed.

There are not enough hours in the day.

The rooster crows, it’s time to wake, it’s 6 AM with no time to waste.  I turn on the tube, check the weather and news, “The spirits are (somewhat) mildly perturbed.” By seven I’m farming, harvest and sow, these sprinklers are great, not one little crow.  An hour goes by, albeit too quick, it was time to tend to my cows and my chicks. Pet, feed, rinse and repeat, just a little bit of help, well, that would be sweet. It’s a quarter to ten with not a moment to spare, an hour with kegs, to town with errands I bear.

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